Learn to play handpan

The first and most important thing to learn to play the handpan is to develop an adequate technique to execute each note, the ideal is to use all the fingers, the stronger and more agile you become, the more fluid and clear you will be able to interpret.

Control: refers to the proper force applied to each note: look for a heavenly and pleasant sound.

Clarity:: At first what matters least to us is speed, focus on making each note sound as clear as possible, for this the part of it that you play with your finger is essential.

Ergonomy: Seek that your fingers feel comfortable when playing, execute with the fingertips, look for the natural positions that give you the best results when playing.

Another key aspect is to understand the arrangement of notes on the instrument, understanding it we can identify all the possible options for the formation of chords and intervals.

Arrangement of notes in an F Integral 9+1

The Ding is denoted by 0.

From the (1) first contour note the next one will be to the left (2)

From then on, inserting the blows between hands will go up the scale.

Ascending staggered numbering of notes on a 9+1 instrument: 10 notes in total.

Indeed, understanding the arrangement of notes will allow you to understand and study different handpan scales. https://sinesama.com/escalas-de-handpan/

Learning to play handpan: From theory to practice.

The next step to learn to play is to start activating the notes, from then on, little by little we can explore the instrument

El ritmo Ding-nota es un excelente ayudante en los primeros pasos de aprendizaje, en este video se explora y juega ampliamente.

Song Creation: Phrasing and Blocks

Once we gain control, precision and strength in the execution, we can move on to creating phrases and blocks, an essential step towards the composition and creation of songs.

Learning to play handpan online must be a search experience, today the web is full of material which, properly selected and filtered, can give us extensive knowledge for free, of course paid portals such as https://www.masterthehandpan.com/ and https://www.handpandojo.com/ they are a great option since the handpan musicians present there have been characterized by creating a unique style which is available.