Handpan Scales

The handpan scales listed here are a sample of the infinite and all the possible variations that can be found in HandPans, they are not the only ones, we will be happy to build on the desired scale.

Tradicional minor Scales

Most of the “known” compositions of handpan are in this mode, artists like Daniel Waples and Hang Massive have used them in their most viral songs, enjoyable to play, playable and fun when combining with other instruments, as well as the Celtic minor variation is an excellent choice for those who want to play without any previous or no musical knowledge.

B Kurd 8+1+2(B)F#GA BC#DE F#https://youtu.be/Q4iyjUeYCWM
C# Kurd 8+1(C#)G#ABC#D#EF#G#https://youtu.be/jSPpocitr9g
D Integral 7+1(D)ABbC DEFAhttps://youtu.be/Ik08R_LQ-7s?t=192
D Kurd 8+1(D)ABbCDEFGAhttps://youtu.be/8Yi5LTFLhfE
D Kurd 9+1(D)ABbCDEFGAChttps://youtu.be/HwML1-Jxtwk
D Celtic Bb 9+1(D)ACDEFGABbChttps://youtu.be/McRXvxDsrWY
D Celtic 9+1(D)ACDEFGACDhttps://youtu.be/1bN-_nHyLJA
E Kurd 8+1(E)BCDEF#GABhttps://youtu.be/nRFfr86pFKY
F Integral 9+1(F)CDbEbF GAbCDbEb
F Kurd 8+1(F)CDbEbFGAbBbChttps://youtu.be/cLD0GuzSeVQ

Major Scales, happy, positive, meditative and energetic scales.

Estas escalas de Handpans incluyen una amplia variedad desde las pentatónicas Pygmy´s, hasta las menores Equinox.

Equinox: Variation of the Kurd scale, adding the minor third of the Ding as the first note of contour creates a major chord and an augmentation in the chords formed with Ding + 1 + 2 and Ding 1 + 3 contour notes, this characteristic gives as a result move from the placid ... pleasant to the elevated ... empowered ..., in descriptive terms; A great scale to meditate while maintaining an energetic and reflective intention at the same time; multi-purpose scale, the F # Equinox 9 + 1 Manos de dos Signature Pan https://sinesama.com/manosdedos/, adds in its eighth note of contour a B4 which creates a more robust instrument when composing.

Magic Hour: It scales with wide steps between its first contour notes which creates an interesting range of notes with their respective adjacent right fifths, due to this it creates a handpan with a happy and positive voice due to the large number of minor chords that can be formed.

Sabye: Major scale in Lydian mode, it is one of the most popular among interpreters who want to give their compositions a touch of happiness, harmony and peace, its cheerful and positive voice characterizes it as one of the most appropriate scales in meditation contexts. , music therapy and healing.

Pentatonic scales

Pygmy: Probably the Pygmy scale is one of the most loved and loved handpan scales, its particular introspective and meditative voice allows you to play and explore freely thanks to its correspondence of notes, ideal for singing.

Scale Ding123456789Link
F Low Voice Pygmy 8+1(F)GAbCEbFGAbChttps://youtu.be/Xx9YGv7mM4s
F High VoicePygmy 8+1(F)BbCDbFAbBbCDbhttps://youtu.be/wSHK1eJV9V8
D# High Voice Pygmy (D#)G# A#BD#F#G#A#Bhttps://youtu.be/FM1UTijdkJc
D Magic Hour 7+1(D)FACDEFAhttps://youtu.be/RdQHwH902JM
E Dórico 9+1(E)A BC#DEF#GABhttps://youtu.be/apeN689KWzs
E Magic Hour 8+1(E)GBDEF#GBD
E SaBye 8+1 (E)ABC#D#EF#G#Bhttps://youtu.be/qx7O-eDOpdI
F SaBye 8+1(F)Bb C D EFGAChttps://youtu.be/HvIKTp4TUF4
E La Sirena 8+1(E)GBC#DEF#GBhttps://youtu.be/OOFrkUhcwqw
D Equinox (D)FABbCDEFA
E Equinox(E) GBCDEF#GB
F# Equinox 9+1 (F#)AC#DEF#G#ABC#https://youtu.be/Ik08R_LQ-7s?t=394
C Golden Gate 7+1(C)EGBCDF#G

Exotic, spicy, tasty scales.

These handpan scales are characterized by tensions between their notes, their sounds show other facets, especially far from the well-known minor scale (D minor), ideal for those who want to have a characteristic touch in their compositions, these scales reflect a personality in constant search of the new and the unknown.

Romanian Hijaz: One of the most addictive handpan scales to play, Doric Mode 4.

Enigma, Mystic: Variation of the Kurd scale, deleting the third note creates chords with a greater range.

(Nota Central)
C# Enigma 7+1(C#)G#AC#D#EG#Bhttps://youtu.be/ue2irc0ZN-0
F Witching Hour 7+1(F)AbCDbFGAbChttps://youtu.be/N4BvhQ9ORWE
D Mystic 7+1(D)ABbDEFAC
E Romanian Hijaz 8+1(E)ABCD#EF#GBhttps://youtu.be/HT5ci9qdM68
Eb Romanian Hijaz 8+1(Eb)AbBbBDEbFGbAbhttps://youtu.be/Ik08R_LQ-7s?t=248
E Chandra 7+1(E)ABCDEFGhttps://youtu.be/CaOtV4pn4jA
Romanian Hijaz 8+1
F Minor 8+1(F#)BC#DF#G#ABC#
C Harmonic Minor 8+1(G)BCDEbFGAbChttps://youtu.be/aaI3oTKwl8k
Escalas de handpans
Escalas de handpans, Diferentes handpans con diferentes voces.

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