Preguntas frecuentes de handpans

We clarify doubts about handpans care, what it is and how to acquire one of our instruments.

 1.What kind of instruments do we?

Una de las preguntas frecuentes de handpans es que es un handpan, hacemos instrumentos de percusión armónica llamados handpan, este consta de dos hemisferios hechos de metal que son unidos por el contorno para crear una entidad acústica, usualmente la parte superior lleva de 8 a 10 notas con una nota central llamada ding, el inferior posee un hueco llamado Gu.

We are currently building two measures:

  • 20 "(Inches): Medium register instruments
    • Dings D3 to A3
    • 7 to 8 tone circle notes.
  • 21″(Inches) Low register instruments
    • Dings C3 to G3
    • 7 to 9 tone circle notes.

2. Who builds the Sinesama Pans?

David González, Colombian, Industrial Engineer graduated from the National University of Colombia.

3. How long does it take to build a Pan Sinesama?

From 3 to 5 weeks, doing a handpan requires physical effort, mental balance and motivation, the natural articulation of these variables results in a unique piece, so we take the necessary time in creation, we are a workshop where we materialize unrepeatable instruments.

4. Are the Sinesama handpans marked with a serial number?

Each Handpan Sinesama is engraved with the corresponding number that identifies it in our line of instruments made, the month and year of construction, the scale and finally the signature of the maker.

Shipping and transportation.

5. Do you ship instruments?

We are able to send instruments anywhere in the world, the cost depends on the final destination, write us directly to find out about rates according to your country of residence.

For international shipments we use the national shipping company of Colombia.

6. I want a scale on request, is it possible?

Yes, our vision is that each owner of one of our instruments has a unique piece, so we are open to creating everything according to their own style for the satisfaction of those who trust our work, there are many variables when making a handpan so If you are interested in a stopover on request, do not hesitate to contact us directly for personalized advice.

7. What type of lining comes with my Sinesama Pan?

We have soft or rigid lining options, we highly recommend the Evateks made by HardCase Technologies, a Sinesama Pan can be purchased with or without this accessory.

Tuning of Handpans, Hang, “Hangdrum”

8. Do you offer Handpans Sinesama refining service?

Yes, each of our instruments is re-tunable, with proper care, a Sinesama Handpan lasts for years in optimal sound conditions.

9. Do you offer Handpans tuning service made by other brands?

This depends on multiple factors, in this case write us directly, we reserve the right to tune or not Handpans, Pantams, Hangs of other doers.

Preguntas frecuentes de Handpans: ¿Cómo cuidar un handpan?

10. What care do I need to keep my handpan in good condition?

First of all a proper technique to play the instrument, a handpan is an instrument that is played with the fingers, the strength of these is enough to activate and produce sound in each of its notes, which is why excessive force could incur de-tuning, you should definitely not use sticks, mallets, rappers or other similar to touch it, if you can not produce sound with the simple strength of your fingers means you are not using proper technique.

Preguntas frecuentes de handpans
The care of a handpan depends largely on the oil that we apply, this creates a layer that protects it from external agents such as moisture and dirt.

The metal behaves like leather, this means that it must be kept moist to preserve its ability to repel rust and other possible attacks, we highly recommend coconut oil, it is naturally extracted, does not affect health and is easily accessible Simply apply a small amount to spread it over the surface of the instrument. CAUTION! do not apply an excessive amount, in hot climates this oil is liquid and can attack the part where the hemispheres that make up the instrument are joined.

The conservation of a Handpan depends on its care, having a good technique to touch it and cleaning it regularly its life can be very long.

Preguntas Frecuentes de Handpans. Preguntas Frecuentes de Handpans.